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    A Life Changer

    A Life Changer May 26, 2021 Tom Linderman
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    Life Changer
    Life Changer
    “they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship,
    to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” Acts 2:42
    A Life Changer

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    I grew up in a Bible-believing home.  While in grade school, I met a couple of Jehovah's Witnesses who were trying to be influential.  As I learned how he misused scripture, my passion to know the Bible grew.  When a friend invited me to visit a Charismatic church, their outward expressions only influenced me to search the Bible for even more answers.  There are always influencers out there!

    I thank God that He was also bringing people into my life that taught me to see the truth from error.  Sunday School teachers, VBS volunteers, and youth group leaders, each who took time out of their lives to make an impact on my life.  I wish I stayed in touch with them, there have only been a couple of times when I could tell them  “thank you for giving to the Lord, I am a life that was changed.”

    I will never know what these past saints may have thought of me at the time.  I was shy, silly, and small.  Where would I be without their influence in my life?  The lesson is clear, God works through people!

    Imagine how the disciples struggled to learn this lesson while they were with Jesus. Watching him boldly talk to anyone, listening to him patiently clarify questions, and using current illustrations to teach His lessons.  Like a child absorbing information, they were depending on Jesus to do it all. 

    What a shock it must have been when Jesus ascended and left the responsibility to them to carry on the Gospel message! Some of the disciples may have thought to themselves, “I just don’t know enough” or “I can’t do what He did!”

    It’s wonderful that God provided for His family, the Bible to read and study again and again. It’s wonderful that His family, the Church, is diverse with people who have different gifts and abilities.  Like the early Church, we still devote ourselves to “the Apostles teaching, and to the fellowship, to the breaking of breaking of the bread and the prayers.”  (Acts 2:24)

    I remember one of my Sunday School teachers who put most of the class to sleep each week!  His persistence made me wonder what he was talking about? When I understood his lesson, (despite his monotone voice) it changed my understanding and taught me many spiritual lessons.  I wonder if at the time he felt like a failure, but to me, he was a life-changer!

    The apostle Peter probably felt like a failure, yet he changed countless lives.  God can work through you and me in ways that indeed can change the world, one life at a time. If we each step out in faith, study the Bible together, and share parts of our life with others, we too can be “life-changers!”

    Will you take your step of faith, whatever it is, that will result in being part of a life-changer, a life influencer?  God works through people, imperfect as we all are.  Though we may not see the life that was changed, lives will indeed be changed if we take that step of faith He is calling us to!

    Lord, help me to live walking in faith, trusting you with the result that I may never see.

    Pastor Tom

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