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    At The Core

    May 11, 2016
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    Commune Together

    Just last night, our oldest son and I went outside to throw the baseball around and practice a few hits.  He is in his second year of the area’s youth baseball league and learning the balance between the fun and seriousness which goes along with the game. 

    In fact, baseball is having an increased influence on our family this season.  From watching our son play, to cheering on our FMC men’s team, to following the major league athletics of my past classmate, we are seeing quite a bit of this game.  Certainly there are substantial differences between little league and the majors, but at its core, baseball is really just a group of people playing ball together.

    The small group series, which is coming to an end this week, has given dozens of adults at FMC the opportunity to revisit the simple core of the “communion of saints” and learn "Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brethren dwell in unity" (Psalm 133:1). When the church is stripped of its programs, large group meetings and corporate worship, the “communion of saints” is a group of people committed to serving one another with their gifts while pursuing Jesus together. 

    Certainly programed ministry, large group meetings and corporate worship are very significant for the life of the body of Christ.  However, it can be very easy to get caught up in those things (or baseball) and lose focus on the core relationships which we need for healthy Christian living.

    I have greatly enjoyed recapturing the fun and seriousness of studying Scripture, praying, goal setting and mutual community during my Tuesday morning ‘saints’ study.  Where else but the church would a laborer, president, operations manager, entrepreneur, lawyer, mechanic and Bible teacher intentionally get together to discuss the deeper elements of faith and life over cheap coffee and omelets?  The Lord has used this time to challenge and transform me as a father, friend, husband and Kingdom worker.

    I hope that you’ve had the opportunity to experience the ‘core’ of church life through this series.  If not, it’s the perfect season to begin! 

    Don’t overthink the ‘communion of saints’ and just re-consider its core. 

    Ask a few spiritual friends to intentionally meet to toss around questions, banter about real life and dig into portions of Scripture together.  If you would like some starting points beyond our six-week series, weekly discussion questions will be available just outside of the sanctuary as we continue to study topics like worship, marriage, sexuality, women in ministry, employment, tithing and more. 

    Spiritual growth is just a relationship away.  Grab a friend, head out, and get back to the basics of Christian living.   

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