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    At The Parade

    September 20, 2017 Tom Linderman
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    I survived my first Morton Pumpkin Festival! There were some lessons I learned this year, like: buy the tickets for rides early, avoid the spinning rides if you are older than 40 and don’t be surprised by anything you may see in the parade!

    I have to admit, this is the first parade I’ve ever been at where elderly people were pushed down the street in wheelchairs throwing candy at kids! It was the first time to witness a dozen wheel chairs all in synchronized motion. I can’t help but wonder if these seniors knew what they were in for when they woke up in the morning. Do you think they were ready for a bumpy 2 mile push down the middle of a road on a hot sunny Saturday in September? By the time I saw them, their faces were red and their smiles where long gone. Could you blame me for wondering if maybe some of them were aiming at me with their pieces of candy just to get even with humanity?

    There were also dogs in the parade, lots of dogs! Some were on display for adoption, some were examples of guide dogs and all of them were panting with long tongues hanging out! Funny thing about the dogs, they all looked happy to be there! There were even a few that were so little that they were carried in people’s arms. They looked the happiest.

    Surprising what life lessons you can learn from attending a parade:

    Sometimes you get to walk in a parade, sometimes carried and sometimes you get pushed... you might as well just smile and enjoy it!

    There are always people on the sidelines looking at you, you can try to “get even” with everyone or just smile at them (even if you tongue is hanging out).

    If there is a part in this parade of life that doesn’t make sense, then just wait, there is something different coming soon - just like the half dozen school bands that marched in this parade!

    Finally, after the parade ends, it’s good to know where you’re going - because the fun should just be beginning! After Saturday’s parade the crowds moved to the carnival rides, but that’s another story!

    I can hardly wait till next year, I’m sure by then wisdom will have arrived and all this will make sense!

    Until then, remember: 2 Corinthians 2:14 Common English Bible (CEB) “But thank God, who is always leading us around through Christ as if we were in a parade. He releases the fragrance of the knowledge of him everywhere through us.”

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