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    Called Into Leadership

    April 20, 2016
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    A true leader is one who can stand confidently in front of a crowd of people.  At least, that is what I thought when I was an adolescent. 

    That is why I was terrified, honored and challenged when my high school music teacher offered me a leading role in the musical during my sophomore year.  In my perspective, I was nowhere close to being qualified!  I had huge stage fright.  I couldn’t dance.  My voice was wobbly and I had never memorized lines before.  However, the invitation into ‘leadership’ boosted my confidence enough for me to accept the role. 

    Just a few years later, I was performing in a comedy sketch as a ‘Spartan Cheerleader’ in front of five thousand students at the Mennonite Youth Convention in Nashville without hesitation.  (Sorry, this was before YouTube, so no evidence of this exists!)  Stage-front leadership had grown on me.

    Many people seem to confuse real leadership with ‘stage-front’ leadership and therefore disqualify themselves as one with leadership potential. 

    However, real leadership has nothing to do with a stage or public speaking!  Just consider a few of the people who have had the most influence on your character and spiritual life.  More than likely you will think of a relative, a neighbor or friend.  Leadership is a way of life, not just a few moments in the spot-light.

    Our study through Paul’s first epistle to Corinth has brought the subject of leadership ‘front and center,’ so to speak.  Paul was pleading with the believers to consider leadership which...
    1) demonstrated a profound sense of accountability before the Lord,
    2) were willing to be tested by the written word of God,
    3) were able to correct others out of love, and
    4) imitated practical Christ-like living. 

    Forget about stage presence for a moment and consider if you have any of these Biblical characteristics of Godly leadership.  If any of these four characteristics cross your mind during the week, the Holy Spirit is already maturing REAL leadership within you!

    Now the real question is:
    "Who are you leading?"  Who is looking at your faith and sees something divine in your actions and attitude? 

    The point of this consideration is not to make you feel as though you are on a stage in front of watching eyes, but rather for you to intentionally consider how you are making disciples through your example "in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity (1 Timothy 4:12)."  This kind of leadership is powerful and lasting – much more so than anything that can be done on a stage.

    As you meet in your small group this week, study God’s word, or pray, consider the leader that God is forming you to be.  Ask the Lord to strengthen you within it.  God has a leadership role for each one of us.  Are you willing to accept it?

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