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    Oh, Christmas Tree...

    December 10, 2018 Tom Linderman
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    Most families with children have a Christmas tree up in their home by now.  These coniferous artworks are loaded with spiritual object lessons!  Here are a few that come to mind, I’m sure there are others you can think of too.

    There is the star resting on top, reminding us of the star of Bethlehem. It led the wise men who brought gifts to the babe in swaddling clothes!  Some kids say “all wise men bring gifts… mostly fun gifts!”  Some people place “Angles” on top of their tree, some places “Bows” and others can’t seem to decide and leave it empty.

    There are also the lights, which remind us of Jesus being the light of the world.  Some adults prefer just white lights like the stars that twinkle in the sky.  Others, (often those that are still a kid at heart) prefer colored lights, like a rainbow which God gave us to see.  

    There are the ornaments, each one is special in its own way.  Some ornaments may be large and shiny, hanging in prominent positions.  Some may be delicate and placed deep in the branch near the tree trunk.  They are beautiful all together.  God made each of us unique by design. No two trees are alike.  If you have a chance, look at Darleen’s tree in the church office – it has everything from a pink pony ornament to Elmo! 

    Here is one more object lesson - often overlooked and perhaps the most important of all – the base.  We really only notice the base when we are setting up the tree.  It gets covered by the tree and the tree skirt.  Without a solid base, we couldn’t enjoy seeing all these lessons that point us to Jesus! Perhaps the base is more like the Church.  It helps to hold the tree as straight as possible.  It’s the foundation that holds our faith message.  From the wood of the baby cradle to the saving wooden cross, the tree tells the story of Jesus.  Do you see, it all comes back to Jesus!

    How can we not celebrate?  We have been led from up high to the light of the world, who has ordained us with gifts unique to each of us and holds us safe and secure year after year! 

    Merry Christmas!

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