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    Spiritual Audit

    December 30, 2015
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    As small business owners, the end of the year involves several extra tasks for bookkeeping including assessing inventory, balancing every financial record and running extra reports in order to begin the laborious task of filing our taxes.  Now don’t get me wife does all of this work.  I merely provide her with a listening ear, an extra set of eyes and hot meals.  But what is fascinating for us about this process is that the paper trail left by bridal appointments and financial records reminds us of decisions that were made over the course of fifty two weeks.  This provides us with valuable information for making decisions and setting goals in the weeks to come.

    If you were to do an audit over your personal decisions and priorities throughout this past year, what would you learn?  An assessment over your time and money would give you a clear, unbiased perspective on what you value the most. 

    • If you are married, what does your use of time communicate about the value of that relationship? 
    • If you are struggling with debt and desire to be debt-free, do your spending habits reflect that goal? 
    • If you are physically unhealthy and desire to make a change, how has your time reflect that priority? 
    • If you desire to grow in your relationship with the Lord, can you point to specific actions which are leading you in that direction? 
    • If you desire to be a witness for Jesus, how have you been building disciple-making relationships?

    Assessments like this are not intended to make you feel guilty but to indeed give you a clear, unbiased picture of your priorities.

    As Christians, we have been celebrating one of God’s highest priorities – demonstrating His saving love to His creation.  How do we know this is so important to the Lord?  Two thousand years ago, He emptied himself of His glory.  He took the form of a servant from Nazareth in Galilee.  He spent the final three years of his life traveling and proclaiming the heart of God.  Ultimately, we know how much He loves the world because He gave up His very life on a Roman cross.

    Now, we certainly are not as capable of keeping all of our priorities in perfect order like Jesus did.  He is the maker of heaven and earth, and we are not.  However, there are always new ways that we can grow into His likeness by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Consider His priorities as you consider yours.  And as you do, share it with a friend!  We all need accountability to become people who clearly praise the Lord with our entire life!

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