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  • His Kingdom Will Not End Listen

    Aaron Yoder - December 30, 2018

    What 'government' is Jesus over?  How can we live into Jesus' kingdom if we can't see it?  We dig into these important questions as our advent series through Isaiah 9:6 comes to a close.
  • Prince of Peace (Christmas Eve 2018) Listen

    Aaron Yoder - December 24, 2018

    How do can we receive lasting peace?  Listen in to our 2018 Christmas Eve service to learn more!
  • Everlasting Father Listen

    Aaron Yoder - December 23, 2018

    What God-honoring commitments can been seen through the life of Joseph, the husband of Mary?  How do those commitments point us to our Heavenly Father?  We look at the concept of fatherhood (or leadership in general), before considering why we need an 'everlasting Father' in Heaven.
  • Mighty God Listen

    Aaron Yoder - December 16, 2018

    How does Scripture and your life point to the Might and Power of God?  We focus on Isaiah's description on the Messiah being Mighty and how we can grow, during this advent season, to continue to exalt the might of our God.
  • A Son Is Given - Christmas Program Listen

    December 09, 2018

    Listen in to the FMC 2018 Children's Program as the story of Jesus' birth is told through songs and readings by FMC students.
  • Wonderful Counselor Listen

    Aaron Yoder - December 02, 2018

    How do we receive counsel from the 'Wonderful Counselor?'  We look at the context of Isaiah 9 before digging into this relevant topic as we begin the season of Advent.