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What does a fully formed disciple from FMC look like?

  • Living A Legacy Listen

    Tom Linderman - May 06, 2018

    What does it mean for Christians to be ambassadors for Jesus?  How can we live in such a way...
  • Living As A Disciple-Maker Listen

    Aaron Yoder - April 29, 2018

    What relationships do Christians need in order to be effective in disciple-making?  We look...
  • Learning Prayer Listen

    Aaron Yoder - April 22, 2018

    What should we say when we come to the Lord in prayer?  This foundational question is...
  • Learning Scripture Listen

    Aaron Yoder - April 15, 2018

    What does it mean to 'delight' in Scripture - as Psalm 119:47 describes?  Likewise, how do...
  • Loving Jesus Listen

    Tom Linderman - April 08, 2018

    What does a faithful, maturing disciple of Jesus from FMC look like?  In 2017, our Nurture...