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Light of the World

An Advent Series in John 1

  • Know Yourself with Jesus Listen

    Tom Linderman - January 03, 2021

    John 1:24-34  John knows himself, know the Lamb of God and knows Jesus will baptize with the...
  • A Voice in the Wilderness Listen

    Aaron Yoder - December 27, 2020

    How can Christians live intentionally between the birth of Jesus and the second coming of Jesus?...
  • Seeing His Glory Listen

    Aaron Yoder - December 20, 2020

    What is the meaning of Christmas? The answer comes to us as we look to the glory of Jesus and...
  • Receiving and Believing Jesus Listen

    Tom Linderman - December 13, 2020

    Jesus' love is available to all, but not all actually have it. In order to fully receiving, there...
  • A Witness To The Light Listen

    Aaron Yoder - December 06, 2020

    When the Bible contrasts light and darkness, what does that really mean?  How did John serve...
  • Fully Divine Listen

    Aaron Yoder - November 29, 2020

    John begins his gospel by speaking of Jesus' divine nature. What claims did Jesus make regarding...