First Mennonite Church of Morton

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  • Learning Prayer View

    Aaron Yoder - April 22, 2018

    What should we say when we come to the Lord in prayer?  This foundational question is...
  • Learning Scripture View

    Aaron Yoder - April 15, 2018

    What does it mean to 'delight' in Scripture - as Psalm 119:47 describes?  Likewise, how do...
  • Without Ceasing View

    Aaron Yoder - February 12, 2017

    Jesus invites his disciples to 'always pray' but how realistic is that?  As this series...
  • When You Pray View

    Aaron Yoder - January 29, 2017

    When we devote time to prayer, about what should we pray?  We look at the four 'directions'...
  • Managing With Purpose View

    Aaron Yoder - September 11, 2016

    What are Christians instructed to do with the 90% of our income, after we give our firstfruits...
  • Unarmed Dependence View

    Aaron Yoder - February 07, 2016

    What led up to Peter denying Jesus and what does his answer have to do with you?  Jesus'...
  • Narrow Minded View

    Aaron Yoder - March 22, 2015

    Is salvation from Hell limited to only those who trust in Jesus?  Are there multiple paths...
  • The Currency of Forgiveness View

    Aaron Yoder - February 15, 2015

    What currency does the church offer which can be found nowhere else?  The answer is...
  • Choosing the Unqualified View

    Aaron Yoder - February 01, 2015

    What kind of leader does God use for His kingdom?  God's answer is radically different that...
  • His Invitation View

    Aaron Yoder - January 25, 2015

    What does Jesus expect from someone before they can be His disciple?  Study Peter's...
  • Proclaiming the Lord's Favor View

    Aaron Yoder - January 18, 2015

    Listen to live testimonies from Ukraine and Nigeria before studying the good news of God's grace.
  • Pursuing the Father's Will View

    Aaron Yoder - January 04, 2015

    Who is Jesus...really?  We begin this mini-series through the Gospel of Luke to answer that...