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  • In the House of the Lord Listen

    Tom Linderman - February 09, 2020

    As we conclude our series through Psalm 23, Pastor Tom gives us an overview of heaven with the encouragement to keep our minds fixed on things that are "higher than the earth."
  • Goodness and Mercy Listen

    Aaron Yoder - February 02, 2020

    What are goodness and mercy?  Where do they come from?  How are they joined?  And do they really follow God's people?  We dig into these important questions and find answers in Psalms and Romans.
  • You Anoint My Head With Oil Listen

    Aaron Yoder - January 26, 2020

    How was David able to joyfully endure all that he faced and yet say, "my cup overflows?"  We consider his understanding of "anointing" and it's application within the New Testament in order to pursue an "overflowing" posture with God.
  • In The Presence of My Enemies Listen

    Aaron Yoder - January 19, 2020

    What does the Lord provide for His people when they encounter enemies?  How does the Lord expect His people to respond?  We dig into these questions through 1 Peter and look at the testimonies of people connect to the global Anabaptist church.
  • Your Rod and Staff Listen

    Aaron Yoder - January 12, 2020

    How does Jesus, as the Chief Shepherd, direct and protect His people, especially from the evil which may prey upon God's flock?  In this sermon, we study the Biblical definitions of rod and staff and consider ways to discern when we are being lured by a spiritual 'wolf.'
  • Through the Valley Listen

    Aaron Yoder - January 05, 2020

    How can we follow the Lord through our darkest valleys and how can we prepare for them before they arrive?  As the New Year begins, we look to the examples of David and Paul to better understand how to depend upon the Lord even "through the valleys" which will come for those who desire to walk in righteousness.
  • Paths of Righteousness Listen

    Tom Linderman - December 29, 2019

    What does it mean to walk on 'paths of righteousness' and what does that look like for disciples of Jesus?  Pastor Tom guides us in these questions as we also study the gifts given to Jesus from the magi.
  • He Restores My Soul Listen

    Aaron Yoder - December 22, 2019

    How can Christians experience the peace of God's still waters while facing fearful or anxious circumstances?  In order to answer that question, we look at Mary's journey and her expression of peace in the midst of the joyful and fearful news from the angel Gabriel.
  • He Makes Me Lie Down Listen

    Aaron Yoder - December 15, 2019

    What can we learn about ourselves by looking at the habits and needs of sheep?  What sustained and led Zechariah for the nine months when he could not speak under the discipline of God?  Our journey through Psalm 23 continues as we consider the value of God's Word which sustains and satisfies His people.
  • My Shepherd Listen

    Aaron Yoder - December 01, 2019

    Why did the angel appears to the shepherds and what good news is there for us today?  As Advent starts, we begin our series of walking through each line in Psalm 23 and addressing the shepherding theme in the OT and within Jesus' ministry.