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  • When God Is Near Listen

    Aaron Yoder - May 11, 2021

    We don’t hear God’s audible voice and don’t always ‘feel’ God’s presence.   Therefore, it is easy to doubt God’s nearness during times of affliction.  How can we genuinely testify to the ‘abundant life’ which Jesus promised while also walking through dark valleys?  Consider the nearness of God through the inner gift of His peace.
  • The Good Life Listen

    Aaron Yoder - May 09, 2021

    How is God's good life for His people different from comfortable materialism that we are often drawn to? If we suffer, does that mean that we are not under His goodness any longer? Join us as we conclude our series on the GOSPEL by looking at God's goodness in Psalm 34.
  • Learning To Lament Listen

    Aaron Yoder - May 04, 2021

    When we are faced with trying circumstances, it is so easy to complain to God.  That is why we need to understand prayers of lament (like Psalm 22).  Lamenting gives Christians direction as we offer our raw emotions to God in the midst of suffering.  Without learning to pray this way, we won’t know how to process pain while also clinging to faith in the Lord.
  • Forsaken For Us Listen

    Aaron Yoder - May 02, 2021

    Why does the cross matter so much to Christians? As we continue our study in proclaiming the GOSPEL, we'll consider, through Psalm 22, what happened on the cross, after the cross and because of the cross. Join us as we remember the significance of that preordained moment.
  • All Have Turned Listen

    Tom Linderman - April 25, 2021

    Psalm 14
  • The Work of God's Hands Listen

    Paul Walles - April 18, 2021

    Where should we begin when we want to share the gospel of Jesus?  God's love for the world, especially people, is a great place to start.  Join us at First Mennonite Church of Morton as we begin a 4-part series on sharing the gospel by using the poetic language found in the Psalms.
  • When I Am Afraid Listen

    Aaron Yoder - March 29, 2020

    Week 3 of the COVID-19 lockdown.  What can we keep our eyes on the Lord, even when we are afraid?  We consider Psalm 56 and the ways in which David experienced the Holy Spirit's leading during a fearful time in his life.
  • Be Angry and Don't Sin Listen

    Aaron Yoder - March 22, 2020

    Week 2 of the COVID-19 lockdown.  How can we find joy and restful peace in the midst of uncertainty?  We look at Psalm 4 to discover ways to handle anger and discover rest.
  • Wait For The Lord Listen

    Aaron Yoder - March 15, 2020

    Week 1 of the COVID-19 shutdown.  How can we adjust to this crisis?  When can we find hope?  We consider what it means to 'wait' upon the Lord.
  • In the House of the Lord Listen

    Tom Linderman - February 09, 2020

    As we conclude our series through Psalm 23, Pastor Tom gives us an overview of heaven with the encouragement to keep our minds fixed on things that are "higher than the earth."
  • Goodness and Mercy Listen

    Aaron Yoder - February 02, 2020

    What are goodness and mercy?  Where do they come from?  How are they joined?  And do they really follow God's people?  We dig into these important questions and find answers in Psalms and Romans.
  • You Anoint My Head With Oil Listen

    Aaron Yoder - January 26, 2020

    How was David able to joyfully endure all that he faced and yet say, "my cup overflows?"  We consider his understanding of "anointing" and it's application within the New Testament in order to pursue an "overflowing" posture with God.
  • In The Presence of My Enemies Listen

    Aaron Yoder - January 19, 2020

    What does the Lord provide for His people when they encounter enemies?  How does the Lord expect His people to respond?  We dig into these questions through 1 Peter and look at the testimonies of people connect to the global Anabaptist church.
  • Through the Valley Listen

    Aaron Yoder - January 05, 2020

    How can we follow the Lord through our darkest valleys and how can we prepare for them before they arrive?  As the New Year begins, we look to the examples of David and Paul to better understand how to depend upon the Lord even "through the valleys" which will come for those who desire to walk in righteousness.
  • Paths of Righteousness Listen

    Tom Linderman - December 29, 2019

    What does it mean to walk on 'paths of righteousness' and what does that look like for disciples of Jesus?  Pastor Tom guides us in these questions as we also study the gifts given to Jesus from the magi.
  • He Restores My Soul Listen

    Aaron Yoder - December 22, 2019

    How can Christians experience the peace of God's still waters while facing fearful or anxious circumstances?  In order to answer that question, we look at Mary's journey and her expression of peace in the midst of the joyful and fearful news from the angel Gabriel.
  • He Makes Me Lie Down Listen

    Aaron Yoder - December 15, 2019

    What can we learn about ourselves by looking at the habits and needs of sheep?  What sustained and led Zechariah for the nine months when he could not speak under the discipline of God?  Our journey through Psalm 23 continues as we consider the value of God's Word which sustains and satisfies His people.
  • Here's My Allegience Listen

    Aaron Yoder - January 01, 2017

    Why do Christians call Jesus a 'king?' And if that's true, how can we be mindful of His kingdom each day?  We dig into these topics as we study Psalm 72 and come to the conclusion of this series.
  • Here's My Worship Listen

    Aaron Yoder - December 25, 2016

    Christians live between the first advent of Jesus and the second advent of Jesus (His final return).  How can we keep an attitude of worship as we wait?  We consider this question as we look at Psalm 95 and stories from the Christmas story.
  • Here's Our Message Listen

    FMC Children - December 11, 2016

    The FMC Children lead us through the Christmas story - including a brief children's moment in Psalm 96.
  • Here's My Envy Listen

    Aaron Yoder - December 04, 2016

    Is envy really that big of a deal - or is it one of those 'bad' emotions which we can learn to live with?  We dig into this topic by considering the life of Herod, the teachings of Jesus and Psalm 73.
  • Here's My Health Listen

    Aaron Yoder - November 27, 2016

    How can Christians remain faithful to the Lord with health problems and aging bodies?  When we feel abandoned, how ought we pray?  We study these questions in light of Psalm 71 and the example of Simeon and Anna from Luke 2 - leading us to subjects like chronic pain and retirement.
  • Here's My Integrity Listen

    Aaron Yoder - November 20, 2016

    If we want to grow in intimacy with God, Christians need to deal with two subjects - integrity and our prayer life.  We look at those subjects through Psalm 25 to understand what it takes to live faithfully in every area of life and how to shape our prayers for the sake of faithful, God-honoring living.
  • Here's My Sin Listen

    Aaron Yoder - November 13, 2016

    How ought we pray when we feel crushed by the weight of our sin before the Lord?  Psalm 51 has been the standard prayer for times of confession.  After learning about the circumstances surrounding this prayer, Pastor Aaron leads us into four areas of how to confession our sins 'well' before a Holy God.
  • Here's My Focus Listen

    Bill Allison - November 06, 2016

    How can Christians remember to pray and worship with ALL of their life - not just on Sunday?  Guest Bill Allison leads us to understand the Hebrew concept of 'Kavanah' through various Psalms
  • Here's My Control Listen

    Aaron Yoder - October 30, 2016

    What are some of the promises from God which are available to us as we give Him more control over our lives?  We answer this question as we look at David's heart for the Lord and King Saul's barriers from trusting God as His shepherd.
  • Here's My Loneliness Listen

    Paul Walles - October 23, 2016

    How ought we to pray when we feel completely alone?  Guest Paul Walles leads us through Psalm 88 for those moments.
  • Here's My Depression Listen

    Aaron Yoder - October 16, 2016

    How should Christians navigate the difficult seasons where spiritual and emotional depression is at it's strongest?  Psalm 42 leads us to five ways in which believers can keep their head above water until the Lord provides solid ground again.
  • Praying With The Psalms Listen

    Aaron Yoder - October 02, 2016

    Where do Christians find words to pray during our most difficult moments?  Most find a way to express their emotions in the Psalms.  We begin this series by first considering 'why' believers turn to the Psalms for prayer and then considering how Psalms 1 informs our prayer lives.