First Mennonite Church of Morton

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  • Undeserved Gifts View

    Aaron Yoder - September 08, 2019

    How did Jonah respond to Nineveh's revival?  With anger and hostility!  What can we...
  • Mercy Received View

    Tom Linderman - August 25, 2019

    Pastor Tom preaches through Jonah, chapter 3.
  • Praying as a Rebel View

    Aaron Yoder - August 18, 2019

    What does Jonah's prayer in the belly of the 'great fish' teach us about God?  What does it...
  • Fleeing From Mission View

    Aaron Yoder - August 11, 2019

    As we begin the study through Jonah, we look at Jonah's reaction to God's mission and begin to...