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The Communion of Saints

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Aaron Yoder
1 Corinthians 7:6-9, 17-38
Single, Purity, Discontentment, Promise
What are the distractions and truths for Godly singles?  We study this topic by digging further into 1 Corinthians 7 as First Mennonite goes outside for our annual 'Worship on the Lawn.'
  • Imperishable Victory Listen

    Aaron Yoder - August 28, 2016

    What will our resurrected bodies look like?  How exactly does this occur? And what happens...
  • Resurrection Grace Listen

    Aaron Yoder - August 21, 2016

    Is the resurrection of Jesus true?  There is no question more eternally significant and...
  • Transforming Grace Listen

    Aaron Yoder - August 14, 2016

    How do Christians know that the Scriptures are true?  Or are they deceived?  Is there...
  • Examining Communion Listen

    Aaron Yoder - August 07, 2016

    What is the 'Lord's Supper' and what role does it have in the life of The Church?  We study...
  • Beauty Under Authority Listen

    Aaron Yoder - July 31, 2016

    What does it mean for man to be the 'head' of woman?  And should Christian women be wearing...
  • Olympic Spirituality Part 2 Listen

    Aaron Yoder - July 24, 2016

    How close can Christians get to idol worship before being affected by it?  The Apostle Paul...
  • Olympic Spirituality Part 1 Listen

    Aaron Yoder - July 17, 2016

    What does it take for a Christian to remain faithful to the gospel and the Lord in day-to-day...
  • All For The Gospel Listen

    Jason Yordy - July 10, 2016

    Jason Yordy leads us through the text in which Paul gives the Biblical case for full-time...
  • Walk With The Weak Listen

    Aaron Yoder - July 03, 2016

    How do we determine what is sinful and what is pleasing to God?  We answer this question...
  • Free to Serve Listen

    Aaron Yoder - June 26, 2016

    What are the distractions and truths for Godly singles?  We study this topic by digging...
  • The Gift of Marriage Listen

    Aaron Yoder - June 19, 2016

    When the world celebrates sexual immorality and devalues marriage, what should Christians...
  • When Sex Becomes God Listen

    Aaron Yoder - June 12, 2016

    How should we treat our bodies and our sexuality?  We dig into these daily, difficult topics...
  • Washed Away Listen

    Aaron Yoder - June 05, 2016

    Is homosexuality a sin and why does Paul address this topic among other serious sexual issues to...
  • Orderly Worship Listen

    Gary Motta - May 29, 2016

    Guest Pastor Gary Motta teaches through the value in having structure, order and proper authority...
  • Deeper Commitments Listen

    Aaron Yoder - May 22, 2016

    Is there such a thing as an 'independent' Christian?  We study Paul's words about the...
  • Maturing in Prayer Listen

    Aaron Yoder - May 15, 2016

    What is the gift of tongues and the gift of prophecy?  Do they still apply to the church...
  • Maturing In Our Gifts Listen

    Aaron Yoder - May 08, 2016

    What is love and why ought Christians show it through their spiritual gifts?  We address...
  • The Treasure of Gifts Listen

    Aaron Yoder - May 01, 2016

    What exactly are spiritual gifts and do I have any?  We explore this topic in view of Paul's...
  • The Grace of Discpline Listen

    Aaron Yoder - April 24, 2016

    Is it appropriate for Christians to judge people, pointing out what is right and wrong to...
  • Imitating the Mature Listen

    Aaron Yoder - April 17, 2016

    Do Christians really need spiritual overseers and mentors?  If so, what qualities should we...
  • The Treasure of Church Listen

    Ben Smidt - April 10, 2016

    Guest speaker, Ben Smidt, describes eternal rewards in the context of Paul's encouragement to...
  • Leaning In Listen

    Aaron Yoder - April 03, 2016

    What is spiritual infancy and how can I recognize if you and I are one?  Paul address this...
  • O, The Depths of God Listen

    Aaron Yoder - March 27, 2016

    On this Easter morning, we consider the wisdom of God in comparison to the wisdom of...
  • Whose Power? Listen

    Aaron Yoder - March 20, 2016

    How do you define power and where is true power found?  Observe the Apostle Paul's answer to...
  • Emptied Listen

    Aaron Yoder - March 13, 2016

    What causes unity and division within The Church?  Is unity even possible in a world that...
  • The Communion of Saints Listen

    Aaron Yoder - March 06, 2016

    Since God exists in community, although one God, He invites Christians into authentic 'communion'...