First Mennonite Church of Morton

Distinctly Beautiful

  • Membership View

    Aaron Yoder - October 20, 2019

    What is membership in the local church?  Is such a practice Biblical?  If so, why did...
  • Baptism View

    Aaron Yoder - October 13, 2019

    What is baptism?  We dig into the tradition of baptism and it's significance for God's...
  • Lord's Supper View

    Aaron Yoder - October 06, 2019

    How should Christians approach the Lord's Supper in a way that is God-honoring and...
  • Conversion View

    Aaron Yoder - September 29, 2019

    What is evidence of a saved life?  The moment of conversion may be a mystery, but the fruit...
  • Evangelism View

    Tom Linderman - September 22, 2019

    What is evangelism?  Is it only for extroverts?  How do we know if the Lord is leading...
  • The Gospel View

    Aaron Yoder - September 15, 2019

    What are some key markers which make the church different from other organizations?  The...