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For the King and His Country

For the King and His Country


The King's Economy

Paul Walles
Deuteronomy 14:22 - 15:23
Deuteronomy, Tithe, Sabbath
Why does the Lord give commands to tithe and practice Sabbath?  Sometimes, we see these commands as harsh or restraining, but God's intentions are for our good...always.  Listen to Pastor Paul Walles teach with the heart of God in mind.

For the King and His Country

  • Long Live the King Listen

    Aaron Yoder - November 22, 2015

    Our series concludes with the Lord's final instructions to Moses, and Moses' last words to Israel.  What does he pass along to his young disciple, Joshua?  Learn the importance of the 'written witness' and 'witness of music' which Joshua was to implement in Israel and how it connects with us today.
  • Choose Life Listen

    Aaron Yoder - November 15, 2015

    Why does God send 'blessings' and 'cursing' for Israel?  Is He a god of Karma, or coercion?  Did God actually delight in destroying His own people?  Pastor Aaron leads us into these tough questions to learn what God was doing and how it applies to our lives today.
  • Many Spirits, One Voice Listen

    Michael Danner - November 08, 2015

    Illinois Conference Minister, Michael Danner, guest preaches and leads us into the 'tools of discernment' found in Deuteronomy 18 and how it connects with Jesus Christ.
  • Leaders in the Land Listen

    Aaron Yoder - November 01, 2015

    What kind of leadership did the Lord want for Israel and does it apply to Christians today?  Explore God's expectations for leadership from Deuteronomy 17 and 18.
  • The King's Justice Listen

    Aaron Yoder - October 25, 2015

    Is God lenient with sin or firm in justice?  In our 11th week of this series, Pastor Aaron explains the judicial system for Israel, how it's structure points us to God's justice and, ultimately, why we need Jesus.
  • Feasts of Remembrance Listen

    Aaron Yoder - October 18, 2015

    The Parables, a group from Goshen College, provide guest music as Pastor Aaron looks at the value of intentionally remembering the Lord through feasts and traditions.  The New Testament church can learn a lot from ancient Hebrew traditions!
  • The King's Economy Listen

    Paul Walles - October 11, 2015

    Why does the Lord give commands to tithe and practice Sabbath?  Sometimes, we see these commands as harsh or restraining, but God's intentions are for our good...always.  Listen to Pastor Paul Walles teach with the heart of God in mind.
  • A Culture of Worship Listen

    Aaron Yoder - October 04, 2015

    What kind of worship is acceptable to God?  Are there kinds of worship which are unacceptable to Him?  Our journey in Deuteronomy takes us to an answer of those questions as God prepares Israel to take the promised land.
  • Not By Your Strength Listen

    Aaron Yoder - September 27, 2015

    What does God want to teach us in our lowest moments?  Pastor Aaron seeks to answer this by considering the Lord's goal in leading Israel through the wilderness and proclaiming to them this familiar verse, "Man does not live by bread alone, but man lives by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord (Deut 8:3)."
  • Evicting Idolatry Listen

    Aaron Yoder - September 20, 2015

    Pastor Aaron digs into the difficult topic of Holy War as the Lord asks Israel to cast out evil.  Does this mean that God is not a god of grace?  How does war connect with the merciful person of Jesus?  More specifically, how does Israel's complete destruction of the Amorites apply to us today?  Explore these tough questions in Week 6 of this series through Deuteronomy.
  • Your Generations Listen

    Aaron Yoder - September 13, 2015

    Pastor Aaron explains the details of God's covenant by looking at the structure of Deuteronomy as 'The King's Treaty' and invites us to diligently remember our covenant relationship through active disciple-making.
  • At the Mountain Part 2 Listen

    Aaron Yoder - September 06, 2015

    Do the 10 Commandments often appear to be legalistic to you?  Explore how God's Holy Law invites His people to dwell in the abundant promises of God.  The Law was given to lead us to life!
  • At The Mountain, Part 1 Listen

    Troy Teater - August 30, 2015

    Dr. Troy Teater explains the authority of Scripture in light of Israel's experience at Mt. Horeb and brings us to the greatest commandment in all of Scripture.
  • No Other People Listen

    Aaron Yoder - August 23, 2015

    Pastor Aaron considers what kind of people God was inviting Israel to be.  Four characteristics found in verses 5-8 directly apply to the church and believers today.  The message concludes with two steps from verse 9 on how we can keep from forgetting who we are as God's visible testimony.
  • No Other God Listen

    Aaron Yoder - August 16, 2015

    Whom do you worship?  Pastor Aaron considers this question and studies the biblical grandeur of God as found in Deuteronomy 4:32-40 after summarizing chapters 1-3 in Moses' last speech.