First Mennonite Morton



  • ReTurn To Joy Listen

    Aaron Yoder - December 27, 2015

    In the face of rising tragedies, there seems to be a surge of interest in the topic of heaven.  How does the Bible describe God's Paradise?  We conclude our series in Isaiah 55 by unpacking his final analogy in verses 12 and 13 and discovering how it applies in the eve of a new year.
  • ReTurn Your Mind Listen

    Aaron Yoder - December 20, 2015

    What is the purpose of reading the Bible - God's Word?  Explore the vast difference between God's ways and our ways and how to find refreshment through Scripture.
  • ReTurn Your Heart Listen

    FMC Children - December 13, 2015

    The FMC Children lead in music, message and laughter for our annual Children's program.
  • ReTurn Your Eye Listen

    Aaron Yoder - December 06, 2015

    What are the benefits of accepting God's great invitation?  Consider the 'feast' described in Isaiah 55 and how it impacts our daily lives.
  • ReTurn Your Ear Listen

    Aaron Yoder - November 29, 2015

    How can disciples of Jesus turn their ear and listen more diligently to the Lord?  We consider this question and study Mary's interaction with the angel Gabriel through the perspective of God's invitation from Isaiah 55:1-3.