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Sex Marriage and Singleness

Sex, Marriage & Singleness

  • As Christ Loved Listen

    Aaron Yoder - August 12, 2020

    Where should people, but especially men, turn when they want to better understand what a Godly relationship should look like within the home?
  • Pursuing Unity in Marriage Listen

    Aaron Yoder & Janice Yoder - August 09, 2020

    What is the goal of marriage?  If it is unity, how does that get accomplished?  According to Scripture, the heart of the man and wife must be addressed.  This sermon takes a brief break from the 'Sermon on the Mount' to address these questions from Ephesians 5
  • The Hill of Divorce Listen

    Aaron Yoder - August 02, 2020

    Why does the Good Shepherd leads us into the topic of divorce within the 'Sermon on the Mount'  and what does He say about this difficult subject?  In this message, we consider the Lord's teaching in Matthew 5, Mark 10 and 1 Corinthians 7.
  • Boundary Lines Listen

    Aaron Yoder - July 29, 2020

    Disciples of Jesus are empowered to say no to sin and to find value in personal boundaries which keep them from falling into destructive habits.  What are yours?
  • A Higher Standard For Purity Listen

    Phil Somers - July 26, 2020

    What is in a look? Is there any problem with noticing beauty?  Why does Jesus' use such vivid language regarding the battle with lust? Guest Pastor Phil Somers guides us further into the Sermon on the Mount as Jesus teaches about adultery within the human heart.
  • Free to Serve Listen

    Aaron Yoder - June 26, 2016

    What are the distractions and truths for Godly singles?  We study this topic by digging further into 1 Corinthians 7 as First Mennonite goes outside for our annual 'Worship on the Lawn.'
  • The Gift of Marriage Listen

    Aaron Yoder - June 19, 2016

    When the world celebrates sexual immorality and devalues marriage, what should Christians do?  Paul leads the church in Corinth, and us through the Holy Spirit, back to seeing marriage as a gift of God to be treasured among the 'Communion of Saints.'
  • When Sex Becomes God Listen

    Aaron Yoder - June 12, 2016

    How should we treat our bodies and our sexuality?  We dig into these daily, difficult topics - seeking to understand what was happening in the Corinthian culture and how God's truth applies still to this day.
  • Washed Away Listen

    Aaron Yoder - June 05, 2016

    Is homosexuality a sin and why does Paul address this topic among other serious sexual issues to the church in Corinth?  We study this difficult subject, and lawsuits among believers, to understand what God was saying then...and how it applies to our culture today.