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The Gospel in the Psalms

The Gospel in the Psalms

All Have Turned

Tom Linderman
Psalm 14
Psalm 14

Gospel in the Psalms

Sharing the Gospel through Psalms

  • The Good Life Listen

    Aaron Yoder - May 09, 2021

    How is God's good life for His people different from comfortable materialism that we are often drawn to? If we suffer, does that mean that we are not under His goodness any longer? Join us as we conclude our series on the GOSPEL by looking at God's goodness in Psalm 34.
  • Forsaken For Us Listen

    Aaron Yoder - May 02, 2021

    Why does the cross matter so much to Christians? As we continue our study in proclaiming the GOSPEL, we'll consider, through Psalm 22, what happened on the cross, after the cross and because of the cross. Join us as we remember the significance of that preordained moment.
  • All Have Turned Listen

    Tom Linderman - April 25, 2021

    Psalm 14
  • The Work of God's Hands Listen

    Paul Walles - April 18, 2021

    Where should we begin when we want to share the gospel of Jesus?  God's love for the world, especially people, is a great place to start.  Join us at First Mennonite Church of Morton as we begin a 4-part series on sharing the gospel by using the poetic language found in the Psalms.