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The Mission Heart of God

Mission Heart of God

Explore how God pursued people througout redemptive history

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  • The Mysterious Seeker View

    Tom Linderman - June 23, 2019

    What does the story of Rahab teach us about God's heart for people?  Study Joshua 2 with us...
  • The Powerful Patient Seeker View

    Aaron Yoder - June 16, 2019

    What qualities of God's nature make Him such a wonderful Heavenly Father?  What can men...
  • The Sacrifical Seeker View

    Aaron Yoder - June 09, 2019

    Why did God ask Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac?  We dig into this story today to see...
  • The Unashamed Seeker View

    Aaron Yoder - June 02, 2019

    Why did Jesus say, "The Son of Man came to seek and save the lost?"  What does it mean to be...