First Mennonite Morton



    The Elder Team has decided to continue to gather outdoors and online only throughout the month of July.


    We will be meeting on the north side of the property through July at 8:30am for prayer, singing, and studying God’s Word. 

    The service will conclude by 9:30am. 

    Our Facebook Live and ZOOM services at 10:30am will continue for the weeks to come.

    Here are a few details for you to know as we re-gather:

    Please arrive early to set-up your seating.  The service will begin promptly at 8:30am.

    Please bring lawn chairs, blankets and any protective sun gear.  Some people may be able to sit under the shade of trees, but not all due to physical distancing of 6 feet.  Please consider the needs of others as you decide where to sit.  Some chairs will be set-up on the parking lot for those who may have difficultly on the grass.

    At this time, we do not encourage hugging, shaking hands, fists bumps, etc.  Smiles and waves will be wonderful to give and receive from one another.

    The CDC recommends wearing face-coverings when within 6 feet from other people (not including your own family unit).

    Facilities may be accessed through the Office Entrance.  We ask that there be no more than 3 men/boys and 3 women/girls in the building at one time.

    Children should remain with their parents at all times.

    There will be designated buckets for you to give easily to the Lord.  If you desire to place your offering in an envelope, please bring that with you.

    The outdoor service will be cancelled in the event of rain or high winds.  Information will be provided by 7:00am via email, Facebook & our website.  Online services will continue regardless of weather conditions.


    The Elder Team assembled a temporary ‘Health and Safety Team.’  They met at the end of June and have brought forward the following recommendations:  
    As we further progress through re-opening phases within the State of Illinois resulting from the ongoing Covid Pandemic we have assembled a Health and Safety Team to assist in providing recommendations and guidance to enable our church family to safely resume some functions. On behalf of the entire team, I would like to pass along a summary of best practices we have organized.

    • Face coverings recommended for all; hand sanitizer will be readily available
    • Social distancing – every third pew will be utilized; families cohabitating need not individually separate rather independent households may/shall separate by six feet
    • No child care or nursery services will be provided at this time; children shall remain with their respective adults
    • All literature, pens, etc. will be removed from the pews
    • One set of men’s/women’s bathrooms will be utilized (near the offices); cleaning procedures are in place for continued use
    • Singing will take place; no assembled choir, song leaders will social distance
    • If needed, the library area will serve as overflow seating
    • Last rows of sanctuary to be reserved for any elderly wishing to utilize such area

    The re-opening of FMC, just like the state of Illinois, will also be a phased process to allow proper time for cleaning and accountability of responsible safety measures
    • Sanctuary only open on Sunday; basement closed, including kitchen
    • Additional restrooms, drinking fountains, classrooms to remain closed
    • Library only to be used as overflow seating
    • Gymnasium temporarily closed
    especially our 65+ and immunocompromised attenders

    • Please do not feel obligated to attend particularly if not feeling well and/or uncomfortable being around larger groups
    • Refrain from extending your hands and be mindful of your circles of exposure in the event you or someone within your circle has potential exposure
    • Some seats normally utilized may not be available due to social distancing


    We are carefully exploring safe practices for resuming more than Sunday services (more information to follow in upcoming weeks/months)

    • Quilting to resume weekly; recommended to wear face coverings and practice social distancing. No kitchen use at this time
    • School Kit assembly to resume; recommended to wear face coverings and practice social distancing.
    • Other planned activities to be handled as needs arise


    As we eagerly resume gathering together we ask for everyone’s patience and diligence in supporting a safe environment for all.  I am aware there are many uncertainties regarding the world-wide pandemic response and though a dynamic situation, it is still of great importance for us to protect ourselves and those around us. Keep in mind, the use of face coverings is intended to more effectively safeguard those around you than yourself. The opportunity to meet in the sanctuary is a blessing and some inconveniences assuredly won’t stand in the way from worshipping together in great dignity. If you have any questions please reach out and we will be happy to assist you.

    Kind regards,
    Adam Mellen on behalf of the ‘Health & Safety Team’
    (Adam Mellen, Doris King, Sarah Leander, Doug Roth, & Duane Swartzendruber)