First Mennonite Morton





    • Face-coverings are required in all settings at this time; disposable face coverings will be provided; hand sanitizer will be readily available
    • Those who are under 2, those who cannot remove a face covering by themselves or those with underlying health restrictions relative to face coverings are exempt
    • Please do not feel obligated to attend - particularly if not feeling well and/or uncomfortable being around larger groups
    • Please refrain from extending your hands for greeting one another
    • Be mindful of your circles of exposure in the event you or someone within your circle has potential exposure
    • In the event of COVID-19 outbreak within FMC, the Health & Safety Team will consult with the Elders to discuss any additional restrictions or possible, temporary closures


    • While seated in the Sanctuary, face coverings are advised
    • Some seats normally utilized may not be available due to social distancing; every third pew will be utilized
    • Families cohabitating need not individually separate rather independent households may/shall separate by six feet
    • If needed, the library area will serve as overflow seating
    • Pens will be removed from the pews
    • Hymnals may be used in the pews again
    • Worship bulletins may be used again, but not distributed by an Usher
    • Singing will take place; no assembled choir, song leaders will social distance
    • The front pews will be utilized for musician seating and family
    • Musicians shall be six feet apart from one another; vocalists should be placed as far back as possible allowing them to remove face coverings while leading; further spacing can be decided by the Worship Commission
    • There will be designated buckets for you to give easily to the Lord.  If you desire to place your offering in an envelope, please bring that with you.
    • People may self-dismiss from the Sanctuary with extra guidance from ushers to prevent congregating in the hallways.


    • Nursery service may resume again as the Nursery leaders decide
    • 'Children's Church' will be available for children age 2-5
    • Nursery space will be available for a parent to take their child if needed; toy usage will be decided by the Nursery Chair
    • Structured classes may be offered with social distancing


    • Drinking fountains to remain closed
    • Restrooms by the Sanctuary will be for single occupancy at this time
    • Donuts and coffee should not be offered indoors at this time
    • Library is only to be used as overflow seating
    • Kitchen is closed unless otherwise decided and overseen by the Kitchen Committee
    • Recreational play & exercise may resume in the gymnasium and weight room
    • Other spaces may be utilized with social distancing
    • The Property Commission may make recommendations towards proper ventilation efforts