First Mennonite Church of Morton


    'A Praying Life' Small Groups

    A 7-Session Series using material by Paul E. Miller.

    April 2017 - June 2017

    Session 1: Introduction
    Session 2: Learning to Pray Like A Child
    Session 3: Moving Past Our Cynicism
    Session 4: Learning to Ask The Father
    Session 5: The Father's Unfolding Story
    Session 6: Developing Hope
    Session 7: Listening to God & Other Tools


    Get connected with one of these groups by contacting the leader.

    Times, dates & locations will vary.

    Sundays 9:30AM

    LEADER: Connie Nabors

    Anderson, Susan
    Gannaway, Nola
    Huseman, Lisa
    Jeter, Norma
    McGlaughlin, Kim
    Mellen, Kathy
    Ropp, Joyce
    Unzicker, Christy
    Walles, Sandy
    Wolfer, Rosie

    Sunday May 7 @ 6PM

    LEADER: Troy & Linda Teater

    Long, Pat & Gary
    McGlaughlin, Mack & Kim
    Neuhauser, Dave & Linda
    Stauffer, Randy & Stephanie
    Swartzendruber, Duane & Lori
    Voss, Billie
    Yordy, Dan & Leona

    Sunday May 7 @ 6pm

    LEADER: Ben & Bekah Smidt

    Danner, Mike & Melissa
    Domnick, Dale & Shannon
    Roth, Leah

    Sunday May 21 @ 6:30pm

    LEADER: Aaron & Janice Yoder

    Ekema, Dave & Anne
    Roth, Doug & Donna
    Schweigert, Al & Merrie
    Yordy, Mike & Jenny
    Zehr, Ken & MaryEllen

    Sunday May 7 @ 5pm

    LEADER: Tim & Faith Neuhauser

    Boeker, Adam & Natalie
    Leander, Todd
    Smidt, Reg & Kathy

    Sunday May 7 @ 6pm

    LEADER: Brayton & D'Lisa Boss

    Carver, Brian & Whitney
    Fogel, Kevin & Regina
    Leander, Blake
    Graber, Josh & Sheila
    Whitaker, Nick & Jamie