First Mennonite Morton

Small Groups


    Cultivating Christian Community
    Small Groups

    An 8-Week Study

    February - March 2021


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    Sunday Mornings @ FMC @ 10:30am

    LEADER: Mark Roth

    Sunday Evenings (2x per month) @ 6:00pm

    LEADERS: Pastor Aaron & Janice Yoder
    Contact the leaders for the location

    Tuesday Afternoons @ 1:00pm @ FMC

    LEADER: Pastor Aaron Yoder and Nola Gannaway

    Tuesday Evenings @ 7:00pm (ZOOM)

    LEADERS: Travis & Sara Cowley

    Tuesday Evenings @ 8:00pm (ZOOM)

    LEADERS: Ryan & Anna Leander and Brian & Whitney Carver

    Wednesday Evenings @ 7:45pm @ FMC

    LEADER: Pastor Tom Linderman

    Thursday Mornings @ FMC

    LEADERS: Joyce Ropp & Kim McGlaughlin



    NO VIDEO for WEEK 2