Risen Indeed!

Luke 24:34   “The Lord has risen indeed”
Around the world, the Easter tradition of the proclamation that “Christ has risen” and the response of “Christ has risen indeed” has brought joy to the multitudes who say it! 
In Eastern Orthodox churches they add another tradition after proclaiming it.  They exchange eggs.  Why?  They say, according to their tradition,  that on the actual day of Christ’s resurrection, when everyone was convinced that Jesus could not possibly rise from the tomb, a certain Jew was carrying a basket of eggs to market. Along the way, he met another Jew who said to him, “So, friend, do you know what a miraculous thing has happened in our city Jerusalem? For Christ, Who died three days ago, has risen from the tomb, and already many have seen Him.” However, the Jew who was taking the fresh eggs to market said to him, “No, I do not believe that Christ has been resurrected from the tomb. That would be just as impossible as to have white eggs suddenly turn red.” And what happened? As soon as he had spoken those words, the white eggs in the basket suddenly turned red. That miracle so amazed him that he rushed to adopt the Christian Faith. News of that marvelous event soon spread among the faithful Christians, and in commemoration of it, they began to exchange red eggs with one another.
One thing we know for sure is that two men were on the road to Emmaus while talking with Jesus, their eyes were opened and they recognized He was the risen Savior.  Even though there were no color-changing eggs, they couldn't help themselves from hurrying to tell the disciples “The Lord has risen indeed!”
If you have ever been in a crowd that recites this declaration, you too may have experienced the joy that fills the heart as you say it.  It is good news we all need to share!   Many have family traditions each Easter, but all families can find joy in saying “Christ has risen, Christ has risen indeed!”  
Pastor Tom