Life is a Journey!

The following was a note posted on Facebook the other day, it captures the reality and reassurance for many families:

I heard someone say a few days ago, “See, that just goes to show you that you can raise your kids in church all you want to, but…”    It shattered my heart. All because that kid had made a mistake.  All because that kid’s sin was brought to light.  Let me just tell you…We don’t raise our kids in church so they can grow up perfect. We don’t raise our kids in church because it magically makes them unable to sin or holier-than-thou.

We do however raise our kids in church so that WHEN they mess up and WHEN they fall short, they know just WHO to run to.
So they know that their Lord and Savior will NEVER leave nor forsake them no matter how big or small their mess up might be.
So they know their Heavenly Father will always leave the 99 if they are that ONE that needs saving.
So they will know what grace is like and give it out freely.
So they will know the unconditional love of their Father and love those around them just the same regardless of anything else.
So they know that there is absolutely NOTHING in this world they could do that our Savior’s blood hasn’t already covered.
I will never apologize for raising my children in church.
I will never apologize for making sure our family makes church a priority.

Because it’s more than just a song and a sermon. It’s more than just a memorized Bible verse in Sunday School. It’s for when this cruel world we live in comes knocking on their door, they personally know the solid rock on which they stand. It’s so they know there is nothing too dirty, that He can’t make worthy.
Pastor Tom