Jonah was this dude with a really bad attitude.
He didn't do what he was told by God to do.
He tried to hide and ran away from God,
But he was found, yet God still gave him the job.
To go and warn a city full of people who did not even know.
Jonah disobeyed and got on a boat.
But because of a storm, the ship could not float.
The storm was so bad it was whipping the sails.
There was lightning and thunder and even hail.
Then Jonah was thrown into a watery jail.
Which turned out to be a big fish we call a whale!
For three days as he passed the time
And all he could think about was his past crime.
So Jonah repented and said he'll go to that land
Soon after that, the fish spit him onto the sand.
So Jonah cleaned up and went on his way
This time to Nineveh for he knew what to say,
"Repent today or you too will pay!" and all the townspeople said OK
It took a while for Jonah to see,
God is in control of everything on the land and seas!
What would Jonah say today to you and me? Choose carefully who you will please.
If you choose God today, then you won’t end up like me!