“You are the salt of the earth”  Matthew 5:13
God provides for us all that we need.  When He placed Adam and Eve in the garden they saw all the food that grew.  After the flood, Noah was told to eat meat as well, perhaps up to that point, everyone was naturally a vegetarian.
The staples of the ancient Israelite cuisine primarily included bread, wine, and olive oil, but also legumes, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, fish, and meat.
Fruits and vegetables had to be eaten as they ripened and before they spoiled. Unpredictable harvests - due to droughts - meant that whatever was not eaten fresh had to be preserved and stored for times of need. Preserving these foods was often done by adding salt.  It would help to sustain life itself. 
Did you know that when you dissolve salt in liquid, it isn’t really dissolved?  If all the water evaporates, you will find crystals of salt still present! It can remain unchanged even when it is around constant change.
Salt helps to release the flavors of your foods and it helps preserve what is good.  Jesus said, “You are the salt of the earth” (Matthew 5:13).
The next time you reach for that salt shaker, remember that we are to be like that additive.  We are here to preserve the truth of the goodness of God.  We help release the truths that God has already revealed and make everything we touch a little better. A little salt can go a long way.
Will you be the salt in someone's world today?
P.S. Many doctors would say that natural salts are essential for good health, but refined bleached white table salt is harmful to our bodies.  It may be a good discussion to have with your doctor!
Pastor Tom