School Kits

Over the years, thousands and thousands of school kits travel from First Mennonite to all around the world.  It’s truly an amazing feat!  On August 4th another 1200 bags will be packed in the church basement! According to MCC (Mennonite Central Committee), over 94,000 were shipped last year to  Jordan, Lebanon, Mozambique, South Sudan, Syria, and Ukraine.  They are treasures for families who struggle to afford basic school supplies or who have been displaced by natural disasters or war.
Each kit contains
4 spiral or perforated-pages notebooks (8.5 in x 10.5 in and 70 sheets)
8 new unsharpened pencils
1 ruler (flat, good quality; must indicate 30 cm; inch markings optional)
12 colored pencils (in packaging)
1 large eraser
2 new black or blue ballpoint pens
1 small metal pencil sharpener

Everything is loaded into a double drawstring cloth bag.  Ladies from our church sew and string all the bags, the other items are either donated or purchased.  Like a smooth assembly line, all the items are put into cloth bags.  They get loaded up into boxes and head toward children all around the world!
All the work of making this yearly project successful will one day reap eternal rewards.  In Heaven, I’m sure we will meet those whose life was touched by the many hands that made each school kit possible.
Jesus said: “as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.” Matthew 25:31-46
If you can come to church at 1 pm on Thursday, August 4th  you too can be a part of this opportunity.  What a world of difference this day will make!
Pastor Tom